Commission Process

Here is an overview of the steps to making a piece of custom beauty to bring light and joy to your home.   You can be intimately involved with the process or totally hands off; the level of engagement is entirely up to you! Take a look and get excited about what your journey could look like.  


1. Start The Conversation

Get Inspired. Spend some time with my work.  Check out my shop, Instagram, and portfolio, and take note of the pieces that draw you in the most.  Reflect on the feeling and emotion that you experience.  What colors and subject matter are you drawn to, both in my work and in your everyday life? What brings you joy? Fill out the inquiry form so we can start talking about what you are drawn to in each piece and what kind of painting you want.  Once I have the inquiry form, I will send you a price chart and detail the next steps. 

2.  Choose a Size & Get a Quote 

Get Practical. Think about the space you are hoping to fill with your custom piece of beauty and determine if you want landscape, portrait, or square.  The price chart you receive after you fill out the inquiry form will help you see some typical sizes and corresponding prices.  Once you know your desired size, determine if you would like it framed or gallery wrapped with the edges painted.  With the dimensions and framing choices finalized, I will come up with a final quote and create a custom listing for you on my website.  Once you make the downpayment (50% of total cost) I can get started on the actual creation process of your art.   



3. Give Me More Details 

Let's talk color and inspiration. Share with me your specific color interest and subject choices.  Some clients have only a general sense of color, others know the specific flowers (or dog, or person, or place) they want portrayed. Feel free to share as much as you would like. Send me your images of inspiration so we are on the same page. It can be especially helpful if you send me a picture of the space where you envision the work living. With that information I can begin sketching.

4. The WIP   

Or, Work-In-Progress.  Simply put, I send you in-progress images, you give me approval, I keep working until it's done! As I work on your piece and begin the first steps of sketching and color lay in, I will send you images of the work so you can make sure the composition and direction feels right to you. I will make any necessary adjustments and continue to send image updates as the painting evolves.  


Bouquet bounty.jpg

5. Final Approval & Delivery

This is the finishing touches and final changes part. When I finish with the piece I send you a video and images for your approval. If everything looks good and no changes need to be made, let the celebration begin, it is installation time! Make your final payment (the other 50%) and arrange for shipping.  If you are local, I come and install the piece for your in your home. *This is my favorite part, so many smiles!* Yay!


Still have questions and don't feel ready to fill out the inquiry form? No problem - send me your questions and thoughts and anything else to  Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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