The Beauty Experience: an invitation to forget yourself for a moment and search a little deeper about what it means to be alive, and feel a little longer what you’re longing for.

Elizabeth Anne Butler

Elizabeth Butler makes beautiful art, on purpose.

Her subject matter has ranged from portraiture to landscape to floral, but in each case her goal is the same - to capture and communicate beauty.


I delight in, and am in awe of, Beauty.  When I paint, I want to give the viewer an opportunity to feel that awe and be immersed in the beauty of creation.



Elizabeth Butler's current body of work focuses on the beauty of florals. She pushes the boundaries of traditional floral oil painting through her surprising and unique compositions, drawing attention to the feeling of abundance and beauty that flowers often provoke. Her work evokes drama and overflow as the flowers seem suspended in air and bursting forth from the frame. She uses rich, clean color with bold accents and varying brushstrokes that walk the line between traditional realism and more whimsical expressionism.  

Flowers are extravagant.  I attempt to arrange and paint them in such a way to draw attention to that life-giving fullness they embody. They are effortless abundance, and total gift.


 Elizabeth uses traditional drawing and painting techniques in her work, and loves to include a touch of whimsy to ignite the imagination.

She currently lives, paints, and teaches, in Phoenix, Arizona.  


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